Palazzo Lupis
Historic mansion in Calabria
Palazzo Lupis
Historic mansion in Calabria
Palazzo Lupis
Historic mansion in Calabria

The House

Built by the feudal family de Luna d’Aragona, of spanish origin, the palazzo is dates back to the XIV century. It came in possession of Lupis family – coming from Giovinazzo in Apulia and originated by the Marquises of Soragna – in XVII century, for a number of entangled marital alliances with the families of de Luna, Amato, Infusini and Manso, all extinct into Marquises Lupis.

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Coat of Arms

The earliest coat of arms used by Lupi or Lupis (de) family was “a golden rampant wolf in an azure field’.
Shortly after the relocation in Calabria of the branch of the family who built Palazzo Lupis, this arms became the one still in use “two gold counter-rampant wolves in an azur field, holding up a red heart.”

The Family

The ancient House of Lupis or de ‘Lupis, the “LuporumStirpe“, has a Franco-Germanic origin and comes from the Marquis of Soragna, then passing in Giovinazzo, near Bari, where he was ascribed to the local “Patriziato”since the XII century and finally settled in Calabria and Sicily.

The Library

Palazzo Lupis houses one of the largest private libraries in Calabria.


The mistery of the 31th Marquis

Generations of ancestors who lived in Palazzo Lupis have left signs in time and energy, and the attentive visitor can have the privilege, sometimes, to perceive them.
It is said that some of the family members are still roaming today among the ancient walls, appearing sometimes in the ancient halls or in rooms that witnessed their earthly existence. The stories about it, and sometimes the “experiences”, are many.

Don Orazio Lupis Macedonio


In the wonderful Ionian Calabria, 15 minutes far from the crystal clear Ionian sea, a noble mansion with centuries of history, ideal location for cultural and social events, B&B accommodation, small ceremonies in its private chapel and much more.

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